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A romantic and hysterical journey to a second first impression


When VERNON RICHARDSON, a man who seeks a woman, meets IMANI TOWNSEND, a woman who seeks a man, he actually gets two chances at a first impression. 

Vernon and Imani meet unexpectedly at a cozy jazz club and they hit it off, both of them unpretentious and totally unaware that their online dating alter egos are also steaming up cyberspace together via the popular dating site firstimpressiondates.com. 

While their alter egos, TROPICAL STORM and SCORPION KISS, play a sexy game of cat and mouse, Vernon and Imani fall in love. But the ruse doesn’t end there. 

Unbeknownst to Imani, Vernon, an out-of-work aspiring writer, lands a job as the new security guard at her publishing company and, of course, unbeknownst to Vernon, his new love interest just happens to be his boss. 

The truth is bound to come out but when and where? In the real world of budding lovers Vernon and Imani? In the sexy cyberspace dating fantasy world known as firstimpressiondates.com or in the tension-riddled workplace where the two have managed to miss one another at every possible turn? 

With Julius and Kym -- best friends of Vernon and Imani, respectively -- egging them on, giving them advice and consoling them along the way, the two lovebirds have all the tools they need for the perfect romance -- and possibly, the perfect disaster. 

Deceit and fantasies run amok may be the death of what could be a beautiful relationship. Or will the real Vernon and Imani stand up in time to save the day?

FIRST IMPRESSION is a heartwarming love story that gently and hilariously teaches us that the magic of pure love is possible when it’s not expected. 

We are in post production on this incredibly rich and compelling documentary about one of America's greatest and most prolific literature icons.


First Impression is currently airing on Netflix


Check out this 10 minute snippet of Colors Of Love: The Jan Spivey Gilchrist Story.  WE are currently in post production on the very rich and compelling memoir on one of America's greatest children's books author and illustrator.  Jan has author/illustrated 93 award-winning books!


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